Who we are

Tuendelee Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to support its pool of beneficiaries to undertake quality tertiary education.

Tuendelee is a Swahili word for “let’s progress”.

At Tuendelee different persons and groups come together to collaborate. We believe that success hardly comes single-handedly. This is the reason our name is TUENDELEE. The TU, denotes the first person plural in Swahili “WE”. We do it together. It is not NIENDELEE (I progress) or UENDELEE (You progress) or AENDELEE (He/She progresses), but rather TUENDELEE(We progress together), as a team. We promote collectiveness and collaboration, because we believe that development succeeds where collaboration exists.

Benefactors and sponsors

Create a pool of benefactors and sponsors that will ensure that a continuous cycle of resource provision and utilization is maintained for the benefit of all.