Lucy W. Mwangi – Beneficiary Programs Lead

Lucy is a Research Scientist with a focus on Infectious Diseases and Global Health with the aim to preserve and promote the well being of individuals and communities regionally and globally. Her current area of research is Lucyviral-immunology and molecular biology. Lucy holds a BSc. Medical Laboratory Science (Kenyatta University, Kenya) and MSc. Tropical and Infectious Diseases (University of Nairobi, Kenya).

Keen not only to build scientific knowledge but to also translate it for feasible application in best health practice, she participates in community engagement; trains on infection prevention and control, and is an Op.Ed contributor.

Passionate too about learning and mentorship and knowing that a good education is infinite, Lucy is proud to be affiliated with the Tuendelee Foundation as the Scholarship Programmes Lead – leading the Scholarship, Mentorship and Alumni Programmes.

I appreciate and believe in Tuendelee’s value base of Family, Giving willingly, Achieving, and Teamwork.”

Lucy describes herself as conscientious, cheerful, strong-minded and resilient.

She is an avid reader, a voice over contributor; enjoys writing, hiking and learning about different cultures.


Linet Mwirigi – Mentorship Lead

Linet is passionate about Project Management, especially where it leads to Community Impact. She has an MBA in Project Management and enjoys applying her knowledge to project management approaches and tools including Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
She has over four years work experience engaging with multiple stakeholders including public and private sector organizations and maintaining these relations. She has been involved in the preparation of technical, working, and discussion papers, policy briefs, briefing notes, and news briefs; development of development and implementation of programme communication strategy; and in spearheading research on the role of Community Based Organizations in Disaster Risk Reduction in informal settlements in Nairobi.
She enjoys her role of connecting mentors to mentees to spur all-round personal and professional development and enhancing the mentorship program experience.
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